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Pool Salt and Filter Media

WA Salt Supply supplies high quality pool salt that is 100% natural West Australian Lake Salt. Our Pool Salt is ISO certified giving certainty to the quality of our product and peace of mind to pool owners.

High quality West Australian filter media is also supplied.

Pool Salt

Our 100% natural West Australian Lake Salt is washed, graded and specifically prepared for use in all types of salt water chlorinators. A safe and high quality choice for all swimming pool owners.

Filter Media – Sand

A West Australian product, specifically designed for a slow breakdown rate to ensure a longer filtration life. Graded to meet the recommendations of major manufacturers of pool sand filters. Supplied in two grades: 8 - 16 (coarse) and 16 - 30 (fine).

WA Salt Supply offers Pool Salt packaged from 15kg to 20kg bags. For more information on our range of products and any queries for your specific requirements please contact our sales department.