created by Mother Nature

Salt Cycle

Millions of years in the making, Lake Deborah is the source of our unique, 100% naturally occurring white salt crystals. Our salt harvest sanctuary is located 500 kilometres north east of Perth.

Mother Nature provides the winter rains which dissolve part of the ancient lake’s crust and draws brine to the lake’s surface. This sows the seed for the new season’s salt crop.

The summer sun evaporates the brine and a new crop of salt crystals form on the lake surface

We harvest the salt crystals that have been left behind by this naturally occurring annual cycle. The lake repeats this phenomenon every year making it a truly sustainable resource.

The salt crystals are stockpiled at the lake’s edge in this pristine environment in its natural form.

The salt crystals are gently washed before being transported using our specialised fleet. After arriving at our Fremantle facility the salt crystals are prepared for our customers in a manner that preserves the natural status of this unique product.

As a proud family owned company we are committed to providing the highest quality, 100% natural salt products to all our Western Australian and International customers.

Created by Mother Nature

Harvested by WA Salt