Table Salt is a high quality food grade product used in cooking, baking, industrial food preparations and retail domestic packs. Sodium Silico Aluminate is added as a free-flowing agent.
Chemical Analysis:
Components Minimum values Typical values
NaCl 99.00% 99.72%
Calcium as Ca 900 ppm 400 ppm
Magnesium as Mg 120 ppm 120 ppm
Total Sulphate 1700 ppm 1200 ppm

Insoluble matter in H20

300 ppm 200 ppm
Copper as Cu 5 ppm < 0.5 ppm
Sodium Silico Aluminate 0.75% 0.75%
Iron as Fe 5 ppm < 1 ppm
Moisture <0.2% when packed -
Above: Salt size
below: Salt on pallet

Note: The above chemical analysis should be taken as a guide, as chemical analysis may vary slightly.


Typical Sieving Analysis
Mesh Size (mm): 0.6 0.420 0.21 0.15 -0.15
Typical % retained: 12 21 31 13 23

Laminated woven polypropylene bags 15kg,25kg and 50kg net when packed.

Table Salt contains approximately 0.75% Tixolex (Sodium Silico Aluminate) added as a free-flowing agent into a batch process using a ribbon mixer.

Store in a dry area out of direct sunlight.


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